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The B2B Sales Show EP 81: How to Develop Mental Toughness w/ Olympic Legend Bonnie Blair

I got to interview one of my heroes for the The B2B Sales Show.

She is still the “winningest” US female Summer
or Winter Olympian to win 5 gold’s and 1
bronze all in individual events.

If you're in your 20's or early 30's and not into winter Olympic sports, you may have never heard of her.

Mental toughness is a very valuable attribute to have in a time like this.
It’s easy to get down in the dumps… and stay there.

That’s the danger of focusing too much on negativity. By paying attention to the bad things, you’re feeding them, making them stronger.

How can we develop the mental toughness to stay focused on the good?

That’s one of the questions I asked of 5x Olympic gold medalist Bonnie Blair on The B2B Sales Show.

So much of what Bonnie learned from becoming one of the most decorated athletes in Olympic history is applicable to business and life.

One of the many pieces of good advice Bonnie gave me was this:

*** Don't let negativity consume you. Know that it's there, try to fix it, but really focus on the things that are going well. ***

In other words, recognize that the bad things are there…

but don’t let them take over your life.

Feed optimism.

To hear my whole conversation with Bonnie Blair, see the link below!

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I love this! For all of the success and the wins athletes experience, most of sports is failure, losing and stuff that isn't fun to experience. 

Great reminder on reframing the situation and focusing on the good things and the things you can control. 
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