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The Bravado Mentorship Program: Building the future generation of sellers

Sales is one of the most important roles within a company: Salespeople are responsible for driving revenue, the lifeblood of any organization.

To be a successful sales professional one must be technical, consultative, powerful, empathetic, courageous, and resilient. Those in the profession will tell you, sales is a launch pad into almost any other position in a company including CEO. Therefore, beginning a career in sales is one of the best decisions a college graduate can make.

What’s crazy is that despite it being the most common job out of college, very few universities offer a major in sales. The profession of sales is seen as a "second-tier" job, or a fallback for some other missed opportunity.

Funny. When I was in college, I remember thinking that sales was a profession where you spent your day 'asking people for money.'  Boy was I wrong.  - Kim Shelton

Anyone in a sales role knows this to be totally inaccurate, and we agree. Our mission at Bravado is to champion sales, demolish the stigma attached to the profession, and educate the next generation of salespeople about what opportunities a career in sales can provide.

Most sales professionals we’ve spoken wish they had more information about a sales career while in college. They might have started selling, and reaping the benefits of the profession, sooner.  

After these conversations, it was clear we needed to bridge the gap. We launched the Bravado Mentorship Program encouraging our community of sales professionals to share their wealth of knowledge with business students about to enter the workforce.

The Bravado Mentorship Program partners with a select group of university sales programs pairing students with top sales professionals across the country, some of whom are Bravado members.


Our Mentors commit to:

  • Donating an hour/month for a 1:1 call with a student

  • Giving their mentee a glimpse into the day-to-day of a sales professional

  • Championing sales as a great place to start a career

  • Building enthusiasm for the vast opportunities a sales career provides


Our Students gain insight into:

  • What a career in technology sales looks like

  • The day-to-day of a sales professional

  • The endless doors a sales career can open

  • How to get recruited by the companies they’re passionate about


Are you a salesperson who wants to help us demolish the stigma of sales? Become a mentor!

Become a Bravado Mentor

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