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The Buyer's Journey

+10 years in #sales and 6 different trainings, and yet no one taught me to map my process to the buyer's journey of:

Unaware - Aware - Consideration - Evaluation - Decision

Unaware - don't sell to anyone in this stage. All you should be doing is informing them of the major changes confronting their peers in the industry and what the best companies do to tackle those changes

Aware - Still don't sell. Now you're attacking the status quo, letting them know that these industry changes are so big, doing things the old way will become dangerous.

Consideration - Yep, still don't sell. You've shown them the world is changing, now you need to understand what those changes mean to their business. It's all about impact.

Evaluation - Okay, okay, now you can sell. Deliver the new world view. Tell them the promise land is real and show them how your customers got there and how they can too.

Decision - We make emotional decisions first using the "old, limbic brain" and then rationalize using the "new, neocortex brain". This is where you justify their purchase with ROI and fancy spreadsheets.

That's how you map the sales process to the buyer's journey. If I knew this +10 years ago, I woulda made a hella lot more money 😂.

May the sales be with you!

Solid. Guide the buyer through the "buying journey."
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