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On the evolution of relationships...

The evolution of your relationships… we aren’t talking about this enough.

I’ve lost a lot of friends as I have grown personally. What you realize is that those that are with you today may not be the right people for you in your future.

Sleepless nights, heartbreak, and more are what I experienced as I grappled with this realization.

What I’m learning is that you need to make space for those that are supposed to be in the next phase of your life. That can’t happen unless you let go of the relationships that no longer serve you.

Yes, that may mean your family, best friends, significant other, and more.

I’ve been surprised at how some of the closest people to me didn’t want to see me succeed and were holding me back, by no fault of their own.

This isn’t an easy lesson to learn though it’s one I wanted to ensure you were aware of.

It’s ok to let those friendships go or to put space between you two.

In fact, I’m encouraging you to do so because you need to create room for the new people in your life.

Chris von Huene
Account Executive at Xerox
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