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How did I go from a $70 commission to a $20k+ commission?

The first sale I ever made paid me less than $70.00 when I got my commission check.

5 years later I made my first commission of $20,000.00+ from a single transaction.

Can you imagine if I had given up way back when?

I even had a sale that I screwed up so badly, I owed the company money!

That was embarrassing.

I have felt the pit of my stomach in the worst way possible during my sales career.

And I have felt my heart overflowing with an unimaginable joy.

Winning a deal against 10+ other competitors.

Landing the largest single transaction in company history.

Looking across the table at a prospect, hearing them say “we are excited about this.”

But regardless of the good or the bad.

I kept the same perseverance.

I continued to push myself forward.

I never spent too much time in a moment or allowed myself to become complacent.

I built on my sales acumen.

I educated myself in non-traditional ways.

I took risks, even when I didn’t have to.

I built something that most didn’t believe I could.

The Sales Rebellion is a series of dreams for me coming to fruition in a way I never imagined.

And it all started with a $70.00 commission check that lit me up so bright you would have thought I was about to burn alive.

I’m curious, what lights you up?

Dale Dupree I can relate. I started in the copier business October 2019. First commission check was $137. Went up a little the past 2 months and just got my commission for July and was $4000....Taking steps to get better and grow. In the enterprise/SLED space it goes from frast to famile quickly but working on keeping the pipe full and mapping out ... See more
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