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The Fundamentals

Yesterday, Sahil Mansuri asked me what some of those core 'life' things that everyone should do to improve their sales results, so I'd thought I'd share.

Meditation - Proven to lower stress, increase empathy, increase creativity, improvement in energy and focus, increase GRIT. All things that will improve your sales.

Gratitude - Every day writing down what you're grateful for and what went well at the end of the day. Improves resiliency. Improves positivity. Lowers stress/depression. Linked to higher energy.

Reading - Every day. Read something, and not just LinkedIn posts or blogs. Those are knowledge 'snacks'. Read a book, 15 pages, every day. (Readings is better than audio for actual retention)

Practice - We are blessed to be in a career that we can actually practice daily to improve. Build it into your day/week.

Movement - Get up and move. It doesn't have to be a super intense spin class. Go for a few walks a day. Stretch. Get some sun. Resistance Bands. SOMETHING that gets your heart rate up and blood flowing.

If we live better.

We can sell better.

Taking are of the 'person' in sales person, will get us so much farther.

That's what I believe.

Great share, I would add what you eat and put into your body.. Eating healthier makes a difference and your mind is sharper which allows you to focus better in your day to day. 
100% agree. I've always felt that going into a demo, proposal call, etc. that our lizard brain portion can't decipher whether we are going against a Lion or chatting with a prospective customer... these actions help us to temper that reaction! Great reminder and some of these are things we should do THROUGHOUT our working day... happy thanksgiving!
Could not agree more. I've seen many successful sales people and most of them practice their trade, eat healthily and meditate. I seen similar traits in successful CEO's
I love this, been mulling over the start of the new decade and wanting to create a spreadsheet/dashboard of habits I can build and these make great categories.
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