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The How and the Why are where you need to focus as a rep and leader.

Not the 'What'.

The what - whether this is more revenue, more meetings, more dials, WHATEVER, is only the first step.

You need to focus on the Why and the How more.

First off the WHY.

Why is the goal what it is? What will happen if you achieve it, and so on.

Second - you need much better HOWs.

How are you going to increase revenue?

Which metric has to improve in order for that to happen?

But then, in order for a metric to improve, what skill, process or behavior has to improve in order for THAT to happen.

Now we are starting to get somewhere.

So often reps and managers will set goals around a what, even something a simple as make more dials.

But then they skip the how.

How will you do that?

What will change from a system, process, behavior or skill in order to allow that to occur?!

As we kick off Q4 - Take a moment to look at your goals.

Do they have a HOW?

Do you know what behaviors or skills will need to change in order to achieve it?

Once you've done that, then you map out the how around skill development and you are well on your way.

The 'what' is easy.

It's the 'how' and the 'why' that will change the game.

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