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The past week I've struggled to stay focused.

If you're struggling too - you're not alone.

Nothing is going "wrong" - but I think (for me) the stress of working non-stop since January + 2020 is taking a mental toll. For me this shows up as difficulty focusing for long periods of time, struggling to prioritize tasks, and being more "emo" than normal.

It's too easy in sales when things get hard to PUSH HARDER and WORK MORE. For me - that becomes an obsession and I push to the point where my work suffers. Not this time.

Thanks to an amazing group of cheerleaders (Kasey Jones, Galem Girmay, Jen Ferguson, Nikki Ivey among others) I caught the pattern before I fully burned out.

What's next? Crash-course in self-care and sales basics.

-2 Mindfulness/Meditation practices a day

-RUTHLESS schedule management - block time for projects and breaks.

-Visual Queues for Projects and Self-Care - Re-purpose my teaching whiteboard to be daily/weekly goals

Since I know I'm not alone - if you're in the same place and looking to go back to basics post something in the comments you're going to do for YOURSELF every day this week.

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Eugene Reuka
Bull at Red
Love it 
22 days ago
National Account Manager at Fitness On Demand
Makes sense, it is easy to just keep working and not take time off.
22 days ago
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