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The problem with 90% of sales funnels is that they’re old, rusted and leaking.

They’re one track minded as well. Focused on instant gratification to appease the overbearing quota you deal with on the daily.

So how do we fix it?

I believe there are a few ways to do it.

The first is the breathe LIFE into your pipeline and recognize that it is an ecosystem, not a funnel.

We do this by understanding that time is the currency of sales.

And attention the exchange.

This helps us to focus less on appointments and more on someone’s time and just how precious that is.

A mindset shift that does wonders for your sales career.

It also takes the focus off of the product and puts more emphasis on the persons attention and just how important that is.

Because in the end, the product is nothing without their buy-in.

Another ingredient is putting a focus on active and passive branches within a Living Pipeline.

Active branches having time indicators, passive branches having type indicators.

This helps us formulate communication and experience driven strategies.

This is about going back to the Roots of our sales existence.

And I’m going to be presenting this at Predictable Revenue Inc's OwnYourGrowth Virtual Summit on September 17th.

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