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The process doesn't matter.

The process doesn't matter...

If the messaging sucks.

Apparently I said that during my session at the Outreach Unleashed summit the other day.

I blackout when I speak so it's always fun to hear the ridiculous stuff I say after.

Sounds like something I would say, so I'll go with it.


It's true and messaging isn't talked about enough.

It almost all comes down to the right message.

Email, Video, Text, Call, VM, Direct Mail, Drift, Messanger Pigeon...


Your message will trump all of it.

I've spoken about this a lot, and posted about it a lot, but here are some simple ways to get better at messaging.

1. Talk to more CUSTOMERS and learn how they talk and describe your product

2. Focus on problems not products - Make sure your message discusses problems, not just your product.

3. Listen to your calls - but pay attention to the PROSPECT and what they say.

4. Study and Read on copywriting - Copy is soooo underrated for salespeople.

5. Test. Adapt. Test. Adapt. Test - Keep testing and measuring what works.

People love to try and blame the channel or the process.

When more often than not, it's poor messaging.

Words are free, it's how you use them that'll cost ya.

I like the call out on number 3.  Rarely did the prospect actually say what you thought they did, you probably missed it.  And if you are listening to the call focusing on your own voice, you're probably going to miss it again!
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