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The real issue is that you are unwilling to face the unknown and take risks.

Because it’s much easier to do what is simple, what you’ve been taught, and what’s been done before.

This is #Sales in a nutshell.

#B2B - B2C - B2C2B, any form of sales would rather take the easy road on a daily basis.


Because we are worried about doing something when we don’t know the outcome.

I have a student out in So-Cal who has become my friend.

Extremely bright, very passionate, eager to serve, and has the drive to succeed.

We built a process around his outreach efforts. Talked about some of the unknowns associated with it and I came to the realization that this young man had ZERO fear.

Although it was very different from what he had been doing.

Despite the fact that he had no idea what he was going to experience in-person when he visited offices or how the follow-up would be received.

He dove right in.

No worry of the unknown.

Fast forward a few months and this young man is beyond his quota, enjoying all the perks/rewards, and has a Living Pipeline cultivated for the fiscal year that would make you jealous.

Yet folks continue to follow along their existing path of mediocrity

Saying to themselves “none of those things could ever work.”

Fear is powerful.


That is awesome. So happy for that young man. Simple but hard to execute and he nailed it. All the best to your friend and to you for sharing and helping him.
It was a pleasure!!! He is a rock star and I am extremely proud of him.
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