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The real reason you missed your quota. 

So much talk about what causes salespeople to miss quota.

So much talk of "extreme ownership" and "no excuses".

Look y'all, I'm a big believer in accountability and making it happen and shucking the odds but...

Sometimes lipstick on a pig doesn't change the fact that it's still a damn pig.

So little mention of:

1) Your product isn't that good or doesn't friggin' work. Yea those bugs..they kill sales people.

2) Your marketing team missed its target all 3 quarters so far this yr and your VP Sales has followed suit, but guess which one is losing their job after 16 months?

3) Your VP Product/Eng has missed deadlines and deliverables and release dates on core components of your product that you need in order to close these upmarket deals. When is the last time you saw a VP Product/Eng get term'd for missing these things? Yea, me either.

4) Maybe the word of mouth about your service isn't that good because your customer service isn't that good! Remember when we told you that we need to double the size of our onboarding team and you decided to just double the load on the current team? Yea, those quick cancels or poor starts hurt your sales folks too.

Rant? Yea sure. But I'm just giving voice to what 99.9% of folks in sales have thought at one time or another.

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