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The rise is greater than the fall

Hey friends!

Today is my day to post and am pumped to share with ya'll.

I've had the blessing to help grow Sigstr and Socio early in my career. Sigstr I closed 20% of their revenue before they got acquired by Terminus and Socio I ran our major accounts on the ride up from 15-75 employees in a year.

I got into sales at the age of 10. My grandma runs an antique shop in Carmel, IN and took me under her wing when I wanted to make some extra bucks. I priced antiques, cleaned gutters, did business taxes, ran the cash register and everything else she asked me. From there I sold car washes, served, bartended and even did an internship in the sales / marketing department for the Indiana Pacers.

At 25 I found myself at one of the fastest growing startups in Indy and running a lot of our larger accounts but I was struggling with drug and alcohol abuse. It was on and off the wagon until I almost ended my life in a hotel room in Boca Raton in May of 2018. I was too drunk to stand up for my best friend at a wedding I was supposed to be in and was sick of being an alcoholic and an addict. I've had one drinking experience since then and got off everything about 90 days ago. My sales career has taken off and currently I'm the CEO of an 8 person startup and the VP of Enterprise Sales at another. I've been blessed beyond belief and I'm grateful for every moment of the pain because it's brought me here.

Big advice:

1.) find great mentorship - if you're here great job

2.) practice humility and gratitude - ego is not your amigo

3.) get off drugs and alcohol - it will change your life and your mind

Love you all!


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