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"The SDR role is the sh%ttiest job in the company"

An executive for a leading Sales Enablement tool used by thousands of SDRs said this to me at a conference a while back and my reaction was 2 fold:

1st Thought: He's not wrong.

2nd Thought: How can I change this?

So I started a community dedicated to spreading information and empowerment to SDRs, BDRs , MDRs and the like and do you know what happened?

Very little... yet, but that's partly because I made a small but significant error: I built the community *for*SDRs when I should be building it *with* them. The distinction here is critical.

The first project in this course correction is the drafting of the BDR Bill of Rights.

Let's establish a new standard of culture, compensation and communication around prospecting and sales development roles.

SDRs- What would you include in this bill of rights? Click the link in the comments to join the group and submit your ideas.

SDR Leaders, Sales/Marketing Leaders, Executives- Which SDRs/ BDRs at your org could offer insight here?

Sarah Brazier, Stella Woo you'd each add so much insight on this!

Kevin Dorsey Bryan Elsesser Becc Holland Who on your team would find value in this community and this cause?

#salesdevelopment #b2bsales #culture

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