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The Value of Diversity - Cynthia Barnes

Bravado CEO Sahil Mansuri was joined by the Founder and CEO of the National Association of Women Sales Professionals (NAWSP) Cynthia Barnes, where they discussed the importance of championing women in sales. 

Barnes recognizes that it’s not only the CEO of a company who needs to hear the value prop; it’s the middle managers. She says, “That middle manager who has diversity, equity, and inclusion pushed down on him/her is not going to give two red cents unless you can come up with a value proposition of why they need to do it and how it benefits them.”

Focusing on diversity when hiring can improve a company’s bottom line. Why? People want to see themselves in companies they buy from. And a diverse team leads to a wider range of perspectives to solve problems. Building a diverse sales team is synonymous with building a strong one.

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