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The value of mentorship

Pete from Intercom here. I lead teams of sales relationship managers in our San Francisco office, and recently joined the Bravado community as a sales mentor. Mentorship is a funny thing - I ascribed little value to it early on in my sales career, and found myself getting frustrated at my lack of career progression. Once I found a few mentors and cultivated those professional relationships, I was able to overcome some of the obstacles that previously held me back. Now I actively seek mentorship, and when I can add value am happy to serve as a mentor.

About me - I love basketball and played throughout college and briefly overseas. I am a husband, dad to one, and owner of a bossy (but lovable) dog.

I think sales is a noble profession, and I love Sahil & Bravado's mission. Happy to connect here or on LI, hope you have a great week :-)

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