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Never use "help" in sales!

The word every single cold email or phone script needs to ELIMINATE immediately is "help"

Instead of:

- I help...

- We help...

- Here to help...


- You can...

- Many others have...

- You'll find that...


Because when you tell a prospect how you can help, who is the hero in that message?


But when you tell your prospect how they can accomplish something and show them how others did it and that there are better ways, who's the hero?

Your prospect...

So then what's your role?

You're not the hero, dear sales people. You're Merlin, there to give the Knight in Shining Armor a magical sword to slay the Dragon.

When you tell people how you can help them, you're making yourself the hero and making them the Damsel in Distress. 🤮

"You" phrasing instead of "I, we, our" makes the prospect the hero.

This might sound easy, but it's not. Why? Because we are the center of our universe. We are naturally egocentric.

It is not natural to make someone else the hero. But that's exactly what your cold email and phone script need to do. No one wants you to cold call them like they're a Damsel in Distress.

Be Merlin. 🧙‍♂️

This a great post Belal! Regards my friend. I will try to implement this asap.
I love all of your wordsmithing advice Belal BatrawyThank you for this post and the Word phrasing guide
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