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There is a lot of Fake Empathy going around right now...

"Empathetic" - the word used to describe how salespeople should approach their prospects during a pandemic and learn from each other during social discourse.

But there is a lot of fake empathy going around - so lets clear this up.

To be truly empathetic you must combine 2 types of empathy; Cognitive & Affective empathy.

Cognitive empathy is the ability to understand another person's perspective and see things from their point of view. 

You would agree with statements like:

"I can identify challenges my buyer may be facing before they tell me"

"I know when a buyer is upset before they say why"

"I can easily see things from a buyer's perspective"

Most "empathy" in sales stops here - but this is not being "empathetic." Exploiting buyer weaknesses to benefit our selling is just manipulative.

Enter Affective empathy - the ability to feel what a buyer is feeling and live their emotional experience. 

You would agree with statements like:

"I feel the buyer's pain when they tell me about X challenge"

"I would feel bad if my product let the buyer down after purchase"

"I would be upset if the buyer bought the wrong solution"

If you're not feeling buyer emotions, you're not being empathetic.

You need to See... AND Feel to show empathy in sales.

This is great! I find that most salespeople are truly Empaths...I know I am. It's all in the 'feels'. If you can FEEL empathetic to you customer authentically, your buyer will pick on up on that. 
Definitely Ann Marie Tamrowski and I love your addition. Feel all the feeeeels people!
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