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There's a fork in the road...

There's a fork in the road...

The constantly changing world put it there with things like the global pandemic.

People get to choose whether to go left or right, but you can't travel back once you pick.

The path to the right was taken by progressive thinkers.

They enjoyed the idea of high potential gains versus the risk.

They have the stamina to tackle obstacles, which undoubtedly they will face.

The path to the left was taken by most everyone else.

It's very safe, very long, and very crowded.

Odds are you'll spend much of your time on the left path watching the people on the right path trying to overcome obstacles in search of glory.

Are you up for the challenge?

This kind of message is based on social identity theory in psychology.

It's the basis of in-group versus out-group thinking.

And it makes for extremely persuasive sales and marketing copy.

Stop thinking product pitch, start thinking fork in the road.

Where do customers end up who choose your product versus those that don't, and why should it matter?

Tell that story instead of another unique value prop, bullet point email.

Pro tips for creating compelling fork in the road messaging:

  • Think about the cost of making the wrong decision. Define it clearly.
  • Do not message like your solution is perfect. In fact, be clear your solution cannot work for everyone and what the alternatives are.
  • Belittle the status quo. The only wrong decision is no decision.
  • Make sure you're talking about how the world is changing, not the value your product provides.
Belal Batrawy
Sales Advisor at Bravado
Lydia Sugarman
Founder/CEO at Venntive
Wow, this is pure gold!
16 days ago
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