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Why ROI doesn't work, and what to do instead

๐Ÿ”›"These batteries last up to three times longer..."

๐Ÿ”‹"These batteries won't die as fast, so you won't need to change them so often..."

Which is more compelling?

Why are the different?


Apply it to B2B #sales:

"We help sales team save up to 23% of their time..."

"The sales team was so frustrated having to block an hour away from selling, while trying to hit quota, just to..."


"Our platform provides seamless integration in your workflow for..."

"Why not just have it 1-click? No one can afford to spend precious time under a deadline fiddling with..."


"Our paperless solutions helps with things like..."

"The last thing anyone needs put on their desk in the afternoon is a stack of unassorted notes to look through page by page just to find..."


Stop trying to "help" and "save" people from anything.

People don't need your ROI.

They need to know their opportunity cost.

What does it cost me when I do things the hard way?

What can I be avoiding?

Try your version, let's refine it.

Why go crazy trying to figure out your overcomplicated sales and marketing tech stack when you can just implement an easy to use and process-driven solution that can help you keep track of your prospecting and sales activity.
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