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“They dropped their price pants and crapped all over the floor.”

The description of every single sales rep that is playing the “I can be cheaper than everyone else game” during a sale.

And here’s the story...

Imagine that your prospect has asked you to revise your proposal three different times.

And, clearly those revisions are expected to come with a lower price.

But, on the first ask, what most of us miss is that they wouldn’t be asking if they didn’t want to do business with us 😉

However, the rep you’re competing against is the culprit of the request.

He/She has recognized they need to be “cheap” in order to win the sale and so they’re playing head games with the buyer.

So, after the third revision, the buyer then comes straight back to you and shows you a price.

“Can you match this with your third revision?”

This is the buyer literally telling you that you’ve won the deal.

But the price is so low it’s stupid.

The rep who chooses legendary, who is building a legacy, who chooses the path of the servant leader...

That rep respectfully declines.

And even when you lose the deal, you’ve won.

That buyer will be back, their rep will be gone, the sour taste of poor service will linger, the choice to go cheap will fail.

Stand tall, Rebels.

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