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They say never meet your heroes.

They're wrong.

Here's why:

For the first 5 minutes of my much anticipated meeting with Becc Holland she did nothing but shower me with praise and encouragement, completely diffusing every bit of worry and insecurity I'd had about whether she'd like me in person or whether I'd say something weird and put her off.

Her sincerity and genuine desire for me to feel understood and empowered was arresting as she looked me in the eyes and gave her undivided attention when I spoke.

She could not have known how much I needed that encouragement in that exact moment, but oh, how badly I did need it!

Not all heroes wear capes.

Mine wears a Carhartt Beanie.

#leadership #salesdevelopment #b2bsales #FTSTour

Nikki Ivey
Social Marketer and Business Development Nerd at Remote
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