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This is a relationship post.

This is a relationship post.

Yesterday was Kasey Jones and my 1-year #Podcastanniversary.

On March 19, 2019 we recorded the first episode of The Other Side of Sales. It's been a wild year of lessons (who knew microphones can pick up resting my hands on a desk), successes and SO MANY NEW CONNECTIONS!

So I'm taking a moment to say "Thank You" to my partner in crime, my cheerleader and sanity-check Kasey.

Thank you for saying "Yes!" when I asked if you wanted to start this crazy project.

Thank you for finding amazing people like Julia Andrews , Sahil Mansuri , Rachel Mae and so many others to connect me with.

Thank you for helping me reign in my crazy ideas so they're achievable.

Thank you for always encouraging me to speak up when I have something to say.

Thank you for being awesome and sharing that awesomeness with me and all of our listeners each week.

Happy #PodcastAnniversary!

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