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This Monday will not and should not be like all the others.

Please don't make the mistake of pretending that it's business as usual.

Our country is on fire. Literally AND figuratively.

And people are angry, in pain, and mourning. All at once.

Get out of your comfort zone and do what you can to understand what your friends, colleagues, and community are experiencing and feeling.

Lend your support where you can. Your voice where you can. Your empathy, your care, your love where you can.

You cannot NOT pick a side. Staying quiet, staying on the sidelines, staying out of it, is picking the side of injustice, prejudice, and oppression.

Here are some simple ways you can support change in this country:

- Donate to Black Lives Matter ( or the Police Accountability Project (

- Sign the Justice for George Floyd Petition (;

- Read books about race and inequity in this country

- Check in with your friends and colleagues of color...ask how they're doing and if you can support them

- Use your platform to share your voice and support change

We can make change happen. But we can only do it together.

And to my colleagues of color, please let me know if there is literally anything I can do to support you. I'm here for you.


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