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This month was bookended by tears.

This month was bookended by tears.

Yep, I said it.


Yes, big bad tough KD, has emotions.

The start of the month was the hardest thing I've had to go through as a leader.

Going through RIFs/Lay Offs is something I hope to never have to do again.

Tears were shed.

But flash forward 30 days, and here I am again with some tears in my eyes.

This time out of pride and joy.

I could not be more proud of my inside sales squad here.

Selling to Dr's.

In a pandemic

Fully remote

After saying goodby to so many friends and managers.

They ROSE to the challenge and HIT THEIR GOAL!

If fact, they blew past it.

We had phrases and quotes we latched to all month.

-- Rise.

-- Leave no doubt.

-- Why not us?

-- Burn the ships.


And holy cow did they live up to every single one.

It's not the results I'm so happy and proud of.

It's how they did it.

The mindset, the actions, the behaviors, the support.

They came together and I can truly say is one of my proudest moments as a leader.

Can feel it in my heart.

I love my team.

They carried me a bit this month.

They are amazing,

I am forever grateful for what they did this month, and will tell this story for years to come.


Way to RISE.

I love ya.

Kevin Dorsey
Inside Sales Top 10 Sales Leader at PatientPop
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