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This morning I'm taking the SDR team...

This morning I'm took the SDR team through a guided visualization.


Because it's powerful, and it works.

If you want to follow along with us, here you go.

Sit comfortably, but not laying down.

Eyes closed.

Take 5 deep breaths. 4 seconds in. Hold 4 seconds. Exhale 4 seconds, Hold 4 seconds.

Picture your favorite place in the entire world, go there, be there. Feel it, Hear it.

Next - What is the number 1 work goal you have right now?

Picture it in full detail. Why do you want it?

Next, think of who you have to be to achieve it.

How would that person act, talk, think, dress, work and behave.

What would that version of you do in tough times?

Move to today - What needs to happen, that you control, to achieve it?

See yourself making the calls.

See yourself getting rejected, laughing about, and making the next dial.

Picture yourself getting an objection, & handling it.

See yourself getting a win for the day and sharing it with the team.

See yourself not getting a win, but being who you said you'd be.

Picture yourself checking the box, one step closer to your goal.

Visualize hitting that goal, how do you celebrate?

State your affirmation for the day: Why I want it. Why I deserve it.

Back to your happy place.

5 more deep breaths.

Time to go!

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