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This sound familiar?

This sound familiar?

- Show empathy 🥺

- Your remote workforce is a challenge 😷

- Say how your product can help 👍

- Offer temporary free use of product 🤝

Buyers are telling me they’re hearing much of the same lately.

So how do you get a buyers’ attention without sounding so similar?

1) Call out the obvious with something like:

“I know you’re probably getting a lot of empathetic calls these days and being

offered products to help your remote workforce.”

You’re being empathetic of others being overly empathetic.

2) Acknowledge you don’t have a silver bullet - you’re only asking for their undivided attention and a yes/no to keep talking.

Try something like:

“I don’t know if I can help you. All I can do is share why some people are finding what I have to say helpful..

If you can keep an open mind, I’d like to run the same by you so you can quickly decide if it’s worth discussing further or not, assuming you have a minute?”

This lets them know you won’t try to sell them.

All they have to do is listen for a minute and be ready to say no.

So they’ll listen.

And they may forget they were supposed to say no and may want to speak again.

In this selling environment - that’s a win.

Find ways to move fwd one convo at a time.



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