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This week is one for the books: Two webinars.

Both are covering content that is very near & dear to me.

Both are with a “Scott” that’s near & dear to me.

Both are covering topics that have seemingly been played out to death…

And if you’ll agree to attend both, you don’t ever have to listen to me again :)

1. On Thursday, please join one of my closest friends Scott Barker + the SalesHacker crew + myself for BRAND NEW Flip the Script content that is probably the most important topic I’ve covered in my career, on the age-old gap between Sales & Marketing…

Before you say it, I know what you’re thinking.

“Becc, the marketing and sales alignment topic has been done already & 2008 is on the phone calling… And they said they want your topic back”.

But if you’ll give me one shot to give a fresh take on how to close the gap over night with 7 easy steps that I don't think you've EVER heard before... I promise to do everything in my power to make good use of your time.

Link in the comments below to register for “The ONLY Webinar on the Planet that ACTUALLY closes the Gap Between Sales & Marketing”.

2. On Wednesday, come join me + Sales Dev’s heart throb

Scott Leese  on “How to Manage Your Remote Sales Team”. Link in the 2nd comment below.

See ya soon e'rebody!

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Looking forward! :)
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