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This week we had the team recreate their...

This week we had the team recreate their 3x3s.

What is a 3x3?

They are 3 buckets of non negotiable activities.

That will have the biggest impact on your ability to hit your goals.

3 things daily.

3 things weekly.

3 things monthly.

They need to be very specific.

They also need to be non negotiable.

You must commit to these things and follow through no matter what.

The reps and managers and directors all create their 3x3.

Reps share with managers.

Managers share theirs with the directors.

Directors share theirs with me.

Then we hold each other accountable to them each and every day, week and month.

Create your own 3x3s and don’t miss.

If you picked the right ones, you’ll be shocked at what you can accomplish.

When we did this in Jan we had an amazing month.

It can have a huge impact across the board.

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