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This weekend was a wild emotional and draining ride.

I learned a lot about people. Good & bad.

The current events are bringing some people together, tighter, and more supportive.

While at the same time driving some people apart.

Even people that we called friends or family have shown some interesting colors over the past weeks.

People fighting over "Who's lives matter"

Quick Tip: One groups' struggles do not take away from another groups' struggles.

It is not a "vs" here people. for gods' sake stop arguing about it.

People arguing over protestors & looters (which are 2 very different groups of people)

True protesters aren't looting, and no looter is a true protester to me.

The message that needs to be heard is getting drowned by ignorance, pride, anger, and fear.

The message is simple.

There needs to be an acceptance that there is still a significant racial divide in this country.

It is still not "All men are created equal"

Until that is accepted, nothing will change.

It's the denial of it that makes progress so hard.

It changes when all races agree to that, and then agree to take action.

So my ask is simple.

Take action.

Donate time or resources.

Speak Against not just Speak up.

Educate yourself.

We can only do this together.

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