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Thoughts on ending and prospecting email with "Please let me know?"

Alison Vacovec
US Director at HEROW
Kyle Phillips
Business Development Manager at Ai-Media
I prefer ending an email with a more direct question like "What would be a good time for us to talk?". My assumption is that I'm bringing something of value to their attention and they'll be interested in having a conversation with me, it's just a question of sorting out calendars. And I'm asking them a question so prompting them to respond.
Sahil Mansuri
CEO at Bravado
If you send a great first email, get no reply... I like forwarding that email to the prospect with a "Bumping this to the top of your inbox, let me know if this is interesting or if you'd rather pass on connecting." 
Barbara Giamanco
CEO at Social Centered Selling
The best way to end a prospecting email is with a specific call to action. "I'm setting up meetings to talk to sales leaders about how they are addressing XYZ problem. I have these dates/times open. Which of these can I confirm on your calendar?" 

Or, taking the approach of sending them a specific data/time via a calendar request... "Given this prob...
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