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Time for a story... I had inherited a small territory...

I had inherited a small territory in the southern region of my county.

No one wanted it.

“Too small.”

“Too far.”

“Not enough business.”

That’s what most of the sales folks were saying about it.

I was always taught that I should be curious and intentional about everything in my walk, especially in my sales outlook.

So, I decided to at the very least to take a deeper look at the territory.

It was literally being offered to anyone that would take it but, nobody wanted it, all because of two or three negative perceptions.

Had anyone actually tried selling there?


So, this Sales Rebel took it on.

Day one I was armed with my Letter Campaign and set out on my conquest.

My first day in town I did 50+ total cold calls utilizing the unique drop piece and it got me in front of about 20 decision makers by the end of the week.

You want to know what everyone said to me?

“There are no good copier firms around here, we never get called on like this.”

So who do you think became mayor overnight?

The only guy willing to sacrifice the drive and take on the false perceptions.

To this day I still have some of my best connections in the land that no one wanted to explore.

Dare mighty things and ignite your own Sales Rebellion (below..)

I like Mayor Overnight....nice guy.
20 days ago
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