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Time to Refocus the Way We Treat Humans

People put so much focus on pitches, rebuttals, technique, etc...yet these subjects are secondary to true sales development.

Let’s take it one step further.

Companies take so much stake in their product offering, services, internal processes and delivery of said products/services.

They will go above and beyond to make sure the product remains cutting edge and competitive.

Spending thousands on marketing, research, and innovative ideas.

But what about the people?

How are we sharpening our people?

How are we developing their personal and professional growth?

How are we supporting them outside of the office walls.

When someone at our office loses a loved one. Does the company support that individual by providing someone to council them?

When they’re struggling with addiction.

When they’re battling depression.

When they have an impactful life choice to make.

What are you doing to go above and beyond for your people?

To all my sales leaders reading this, I challenge you to dig deep on this subject.

To all my fellow Rebels in other positions of power within the company, I challenge you to #ChangeTheGame in the way you support the folks that make your company so coveted.

It’s time for us to refocus the way we treat the humans that run our organizations.

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