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To all the new sales reps struggling with rejection...

The Resiliency Paradox is important for new salespeople to understand:

We must suffer in order to thrive.

That doesn't sound very fun... so what do I mean?

One of the primary ways our brain remains resilient when it encounters a stressful event is by drawing on past experiences.

When we first get rejected - this can be a very scary event that makes us feel unsafe. We might feel fear, embarrassment, shame, guilt and/ or anger.

We are emotionally hurt and our brain perceives rejection as a big THREAT! So it responds by trying to figure out how it can avoid getting hurt in the future.

Your brain is trying to keep you safe, but not helping you sell.

This is where building resilience becomes important. We must fight this urge and push ourselves to approach these situations rather than avoid them.

We must suffer in order to thrive.

The more we experience rejection, the more resilient we become.

This happens, because it gives us the opportunity to create experiences when we overcame rejection. Stories and memories our logical brain can now use to DISPUTE our emotional reaction.

This helps us feel safe and perceive rejection clearly.

So new salespeople remember... the faster you embrace the suffering... the faster you'll become resilient.

Great post! When I first started making calls I struggled with handling rejection. In fact I would take it personally at times. An old manager of mine expressed that failure is the catalyst for growth. Sometimes it takes a nudge from someone else to help us look at things from a different angle.
Thanks Ryan and I think managers play a critical role in acknowledging these emotions are totally normal. Sounds like you had a good one :)
how do you begin to build this? everything in us is programmed to run or fight at a "danger signal" but in sales these things being flagged actually can't really hurt us. in fact, responding to them the way we are programmed will hurt us.

curious to hear how you personally dealt with it. 
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