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To my people in advertising

What industries are you noticing still advertising, or ramping up advertising during this time? I've noticed meal delivery kits ramp up ad spend, and at home office kits (standing desks for example).

Katy Huff
Sales at The Hustle
Chris Brunelli
Advisor at Early Stage Growth Advisory
Hi Katy,  not in the space, but recommend looking into funding for D2C brands.  At least that covers the budgeting qualification.
Julia Park
Partner Sales Account Executive at Gusto
Hi Katy, seeing an uptick in sales for soap, beauty industry as those are considered essential - however with manufacturing and logistics potentially screeching to a halt, that might slow too. 
Tyson Hartnett
AE at Media Radar
Katy, I work at MediaRadar and we have seen a top 10 over the past few days look like this below.  We can run week over week reports of who is spending across TV, digital, podcast, Snapchat, and more, if anybody is interested.

  Eli Lilly and Company
Ford Motor Company
Dyson, Ltd.
Blue Apron, LLC
E*TRADE Financial Corporation
GrubHub (Brand)
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