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To take time to take care of YOU.

All this happened so fast.

In a matter of weeks, our entire routines got shook to the core.

No more in the office with our team and friends.

No more outdoor leisurely activities

No more bars or restaurants

Selling became 2x+ hard.

Some of us have gone through layoffs as well.

All in a matter of weeks.

We really haven't had time to process all the changes yet.

So this was they advice I gave my team going into the weekend.

To take time to take care of YOU.

1. Write out EVERYTHING you're grateful for and why. As many things as you can. - BONUS if a person makes that list, share it with them.

2. Journal - Actually write what you're feeling. Where you feel it. But get it out of your head.

3. Meditate - Try to NOT think for a bit. Our brains have been on thinking overdrive for a bit.

4. Novelty - Do something new on purpose. We have gotten trapped in our homes. Wear something different, Organize a room differently. Cook something different.

Intentionally find ways to add some newness into your routine.

I had quite a few reps reach out afterwards not only in thanks but also this week stating how helpful it was.

So I'm sharing with all of you as well.

Take some time to take care of YOU during all this.

Live Better. Sell Better.

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