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Top of funnel metrics: How to properly identify an opportunity or have the right data in your CRM.

I recently had a meeting with my team where we discussed how to best to identify opportunities so that the CEO can review them and to have a clear idea of how many companies we are "engaged" with as a top of funnel metric.

Many organizations do it differently -

1) Have a meetings first, and once there are certain data points to prove that it's a opportunity an opp is created.

2) Only create an opportunity after the meeting was held.

3) Only have a meeting which is treated as an opportunity and have it prospecting stage till it converts to being qualified.

It seems pointless to me to have accounts to have them in a opportunity stage where they never agreed to a meetings yet, but also I do understand that the CEO wants to know what is at the top of the funnel. Thoughts?

Ruann van der Merwe
Growth Consultant at MotiveMetrics
Alphonse Hovsepian
Field Account Executive at Oracle
Unfortunately this type of behavior encourages the opposite and promotes terrible data hygiene in your CRM. It will create a feedback loop where the less accurate your CRM data is (what's real and what's not), the more individuals will privatize their conversations in word/excel/onenote to protect their relationships. This defeats the purpose of ha... See more
Robert M. Gravely
Managing Director, Sales Architect at
I agree with Alphonse Hovsepian 110%! You might benefit from getting with the CEO and developing a scoring plan that everyone uses. Get the CEO to help develop and agree that when a lead/prospect hits 75% of the markers it becomes an opportunity. And make the markers things the prospect has had to do or participate in. Once you have the segments yo... See more
Nicolas Wykes
Sales director at Cyance
I will give you a small sales pitch here. What your CEO might be interested in is not creating 1,000s of opportunities but understanding the difference between your addressable market and your active market. We should never create an opportunity until we started engaging with the customer in a meaningful way. But identifying your active market enab... See more
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