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B2B Sales

The ABCs of selling B2B.

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unsubscribe. [Ep.3 - Marketing]

Greetings everyone,

Early release of episode 3 is here. It's easily our most outrageous episode yet! We discuss the merits of marketing (its a short list) and discuss with CMO of Privy.com Dave Gerhardt in a "between 2 ferns" style interview.

Check it out and let me know your thoughts on marketing below!


B2B Sales Cold Outreach Prospecting
5 Examples of Provocative Outbound Messages

5 real examples of how to acknowledge how the prospect is getting the job done today and use it to your advantage to create a provocative, curiosity sparking opener in your outbound messaging.

B2B Sales Sales Management
Unfair base pay kills morale

You know what kills morale? Finding out your colleague has a bigger base salary than you but the same quota.

You definitely cannot build a world class #sales team when you expect people to take less money but perform the same.

B2B Sales Career Development
What are some questions you pose to recruiters to suss out a potential job?

Whenever a recruiter reaches out to me with something somewhat interesting, I immediately dig in with questions to evaluate whether it makes sense to keep talking. Below is one recent response. I'm curious what you think about it, what sorts of questions you ask, and why those are the questions?

"Looks interesting - is this a new role or has there been a te...

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B2B Sales Career Development Cold Outreach Networking Prospecting
How do you help your reps build their personal brands?

Sales prospecting has changed. LinkedIn now allows you to look up and communicate with most decision makers, cold emailing just to send out an email has become less and less effective. Sales in general is undergoing a massive shift where people are engaging with sales people later in the funnel and expecting more of them in terms of knowledge, expertise, and...

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B2B Sales Prospecting Sales Strategy Sales Training
Universal Principle of Influencing Others

Here's something 6 different sales trainings never bothered to teach me that would've given me a selling superpower:

Guess what the first 'universal principle' of influencing others is?


Simply put: People feel obligated to give back to others what they've received.

Got invited to a party?

Now you need to invite them back.

Colleague did you favor?

Now yo...

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B2B Sales Cold Outreach
How to write a cold email

Many of the cold emails you send are to people Unaware you or your product exist.

Now think of the last time a total stranger explained something about themselves to you that you never asked for.

You may very well have no memory of that, because that's kinda weird...

Yet most sales email try to do this.

So then what should you actually be doing in your cold emai...

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B2B Sales Sales Mindset Sales Strategy
Why ROI doesn't work, and what to do instead

🔛"These batteries last up to three times longer..."

🔋"These batteries won't die as fast, so you won't need to change them so often..."

Which is more compelling?

Why are the different?


Apply it to B2B #sales:

"We help sales team save up to 23% of their time..."

"The sales team was so frustrated having to block an hour away from selling, while trying to hit quo...

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B2B Sales Career Development Sales / Business Development
What is your best advice to someone starting out as an SDR? - #SecretToSales

#SecretToSales is back for the 2020 season. 🎉

I spent Dreamforce 2019 seeking out the most legendary sales leaders to interview and report back to you.

As a freelance SDR, I asked these legends for their best advice to help me out in my new role.

Check out the responses from John Barrows of JBarrows Sales Training, Jessica Klek from Salesloft, Ali McKee from St...

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B2B Sales
Elite sellers must know Buyers vs Prospects (Sales Process Attached)

A single, master concept to be an elite seller:

Buyers vs Prospects

The difference?


See, the Buyer's Journey is universal:

🔹 Unaware

🔹 Aware

🔹 Interest

🔹 Consideration

🔹 Evaluation

🔹 Decision

The significant majority of your leads live in Unaware and Aware. They are prospects. They have not displayed any intention to buy, and therefore you should not be trying ...

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