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Key strategies to Seal The Deal.

Closing Cold Outreach Prospecting
Help me avoid things I hate!

Most companies pitch their product on some hope that you'll be interested in how they can save you time and money.

It's boring, generic, and easy to ignore.

We're not motivated by the promise of gain.

We're motivated by the fear of loss.

So when you show me a better way of doing something I hate, I come to the realization that I'm wasting my time when I don't ne...

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B2B Sales Closing Sales Stories
“Sorry, Dale. We went with your competitor, they came in cheaper.”

“Sorry, Dale. We went with your competitor, they came in cheaper.”

Ever had the *I’ll cut your costs so low your head will spin* salesman put in a bid and beat you?

Quick story:

I️ courted a customer for quite some time.

They gave me a date they would be buying.

I️ followed my process, did my research, built rapport, then the day finally came.

We meet and I️ did m...

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B2B Sales Closing Sales Training
Why aren't there more guarantees in B2B SaaS contracts?

I actually get a chuckle out of this when I think about it.

Begin Scene --

Sales Rep: This product is groundbreaking, innovative, and disruptive.

It has helped X, Y, Z companies see a 200% increase in EVERYTHING!

Buyer: Can you guarantee it will work for me?

Sales Rep: Well see every business is different...

Buyer: But you said it would work for me..

Sales Rep:...

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Closing Sales Mindset
Have you ever done a post-deal analysis?

It’s incredibly simple and something I’ve done to teach myself.

Here’s the not so secret formula.

For every deal, you need to answer three questions

1. What went well, why?

2. What didn’t go well, why?

3. What will you do differently going forward?

That’s it!

The key to this exercise is honestly. You’ll gain no value if you lie to yourself.

Closing Prospecting
When was the last time you asked for a referral?

#MRW I get a referral to a prospective client from my network. (Starring #StanleytheSalesDog)

When was the last time you asked for a referral? Whether you're in business for yourself or selling a product - when was the last time you had a convo saying...

"These are the problems I solve - do you know of anyone who I might be able to help?"

I used to partner with...

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B2B Sales Closing Sales / Business Development
5 Time-Tested Principles in Sales

1) The answer to most prospect questions is "What makes you ask?"

2) Any time a seller makes a "This is..." statement you must pause and get buy in.


"This is why we're different from X" or "This is how we handle X" or "This is where you can X".

The immediate follow up should be:

- Is that in line with how you see it?- Am I off base with that?- Do you di...

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Closing Sales Mindset Sales Operations
When a buyer says your competitor does “X”...

When a buyer says your competitor does “X” better...And you know it’s probably true. What do you say? Try this...“Yeah, they do that part really well. Even better than we do it”. 🤯There is nothing wrong with admitting your company isn’t the best at everything.No company is perfect.And the better reps won’t shy away from saying so.Stop trying to win every lit...

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Closing Sales Mindset Sales Stories Sales Strategy
Women Who Win- You Hit The Top, Now What?


Listen as our guests, Cassandra Freeman and Rosanne Simpson, join us to share their secrets to not only getting to the top- but staying there.

Both women were finalists in the "Top Closer" category from the UWS Gala earlier this year and have helpful tips to avoid burnout, run at a top pace consistently, and make your mark as a sales rep to wa...

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Career Development Closing Sales Mindset
Consistency, Personal Branding, and Content-Marketing

Excited to say I'm back on the Podcast grind...🎙.

This episode focuses on what I've been working on the most recently: Consistency, Personal Branding, and Content-Marketing. 1️⃣2️⃣3️⃣✔

Transcript available here: https://www.alwayshired.com/blog/how-to-create-consistency-a-personal-brand-and-develop-a-content-marketing-strategy-part-1/