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Cold Outreach

A warm community to help you with cold outreach.

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Not Only Did He Meet With Me, He Bought From Me

Once upon a time I had an individual tell me that “I will never meet with you, not in a thousand years, never call me again.”

I accepted that challenge and within 9 months not only did he meet with me, he bought from me.

When it comes to cold calling and outreach, don’t worry if you get a bad response from your script or an idea you were trying in order to get...

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Cold Outreach Sales / Business Development Sales Training
If you're used to field/outside sales and you're struggling to transition to Virtual Selling, we can help.

Check out the attached whitepaper for 5 Colossal Challenges of Selling Virtually and hit-me-up if you want to chat and learn more: jdonaldson@ASLANtraining.com

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Prospecting + copywriting = more meetings!
Yet, how many sales reps are actually taught how to write compelling copy?

None that I am aware of.

Usually, you figure it out on your own.

How are you improving your copywriting skills?
Cold Outreach
“Is the man of the house available?"

This is the start of a cold call I received most recently that ended rather abruptly.

I literally asked him to repeat himself after he said this.

Mostly because I didn’t understand, but also because WHAT IS THAT???

I mean...

I guess you could say this one interrupted my typical patterns.

But, honestly, it didn’t.

I wasn’t surprised that someone was calling to sell...

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What are some good sales engagement tools?

Hi All - I've done quite a bit of research on what sales engagement tools are out in the market. Besides the big players like Outreach and SalesLoft, are there any software platforms good for single users? Hoping to automate some processes and understand what's working and what's not. Email tracking, sequences, templates, call recordings for example.


Let me ...

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Cold Outreach Networking Sales Stories
How do you introduce yourself to someone new?

If you want a proper intro you usually explain a few specific and personal details to the receiving ear.

When you’re being introduced by someone else you usually feed them some good info that gives insight on meaningful information about yourself.

So why do you call a new prospect and say, “I'm with ABC company, we sell this one widget better than anyone else,...

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Cold Outreach Prospecting Sales / Business Development
Got any unique prospecting examples that worked?

Hey all! Does anyone have good unique or 'out of the box' prospecting examples that worked (booked meeting, closed deal, or whatever your success criteria is)?

I'm compiling a bunch into a guide for newer reps to show that there's more to the job than simply calling & emailing people trying to book meetings. Adding some creativity to your outreach can really ...

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Cold outreach in healthcare?  

I recently transitioned into the healthcare industry. Calling on Surgeons and Healthcare Executives. I am finding it very difficult to generate meetings via cold outreach compared to the HR industry I came from. Any tips or insight to share?

Closing Cold Outreach Prospecting
Help me avoid things I hate!

Most companies pitch their product on some hope that you'll be interested in how they can save you time and money.

It's boring, generic, and easy to ignore.

We're not motivated by the promise of gain.

We're motivated by the fear of loss.

So when you show me a better way of doing something I hate, I come to the realization that I'm wasting my time when I don't ne...

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B2B Sales Cold Outreach
How to write a cold email

Many of the cold emails you send are to people Unaware you or your product exist.

Now think of the last time a total stranger explained something about themselves to you that you never asked for.

You may very well have no memory of that, because that's kinda weird...

Yet most sales email try to do this.

So then what should you actually be doing in your cold emai...

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