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Diversity & Inclusion

Humanizing sales. One post at a time.

Diversity & Inclusion Sales / Business Development Sales Mindset
Close your eyes and picture a "Sales Person" - maybe ask a child/ friend to describe what they see.

Do you know what salespeople look like today? What their experience is like?

That's why we ran the State of Sales Survey earlier this year. The report is FINALLY READY.

We have and are about to release data on:

-Demographic profiles of sales professionals in 2020

-Incidence/Rates of discrimination and harassment

-Data around major racial, gender, and sexual orien...

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Diversity & Inclusion Networking
I am NEW!

Hey everyone! I am a new member of the Bravado Team - I'm Clara, a French student in Management Export Zones. Surprised? Indeed, after a first experience in sales as SDR & BDR in a Swedish company providind Lead Generation Software, I've found my vocation for sure! Since then I am improving my skills on a personal viewpoint to get ready for the next adventur...

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Career Development Diversity & Inclusion Sales Stories
Conversations with Women in Sales about what Women can do to rise to the Top 1% in Sales.

According to a Gartner survey, 84% of Chief Sales Officers (CSOs) report they are SATISFIED with the gender diversity of their sales organizations; even though women remain underrepresented at all levels in sales. I was thrilled to interview Cynthia Barnes of National Association of Women Sales Professionals (NAWSP) for the Conversations with Women in Sale...

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B2B Sales Career Development Diversity & Inclusion
New podcast out: Advancing and Succeeding in a Tech Sales Career.

When I agreed to help build out the number of episodes of the "Conversations with Women in Sales" podcast, I committed to 3 per month. Whew. Sept. 30th and here is Episode 73: "Advancing and Succeeding in a Tech Sales Career" with the awesome Sara Levinson, VP Business Development at Prometric. We talk about the power of networking, self-care, profession...

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Jill Fratianne posted on LinkedIn
** For working Parents in the Pandemic HubSpot** I am so very honored Lori Richardson asked me to be her very first interview continuing the legacy of ...
B2B Sales Diversity & Inclusion
Sales, Parenting, and the Viola

Listen to Jill Fratianne as she talks candidly about being a mom and being in sales......

Diversity & Inclusion Sales Management
Diversity adds 19% to your bottom line!

This week I interviewed Damani Corbin (Enterprise Sales Manager at Weaveworks, a GV and Accel backed start-up, and VP of the non-profit organisation Blacks on Wall St), and let me tell you, working with Damani has been truly enlightening.

If you are looking for practical advice on the first steps to creating a sustainable diversity initiative, take a look an...

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Diversity & Inclusion Networking
Sometimes there's nothing like a good chat...

Sometimes there's nothing like a good chat with another brilliant #womensalespro over morning coffee.

Thank you Lori Richardson for connecting with me this morning!

But that leaves me to ask you a question we discussed this morning - if the goal is to have more diversity in sales leadership by 2030...what will be the biggest obstacle?

What do YOU think?

My answ...

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Diversity & Inclusion Sales Management
Why Your Sales Team Needs More Women

Traditionally, there have been much higher numbers of men working in sales than of women. As more and more women begin taking on sales positions, however, organizations are discovering the advantages of having females on their sales team.

Joël Le Bon, Ph.D., a sales management expert, followed a group of salespeople over eight years and found there are 58.8% ...

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B2B Sales Diversity & Inclusion Sales Stories
New Conversations with Women in Sales episode just dropped!

New Conversations with Women in Sales episode just dropped, featuring Tamara Schenk on "Why Sales Enablement is a Great Career to Consider" with some great shares about Tamara's esteemed career.

LINK: https://apple.co/3ciGY2N

Diversity & Inclusion Sales / Business Development Sales Stories
The Other Side of Sales is launching our second webinar!

It's official! The Other Side of Sales is launching our second webinar - and committing to making the "Selling While..." topic a series!

Next event is #SellingwhileLGBTQ - October 1st - 10am PT/1pm ET

Kasey Jones  and I asked Michael Tuso to assemble and moderate the panel who includes...

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