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Mental Wellness

Be Well. Sell Well.

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Start having these convos with your managers and teams.

A few weeks ago I role-played with my managers.

This is nothing new, we do that often, but the topic was.

Mental Health.

It's something that I think is incredibly important right now since we are also all remote.

Dealing with new stressors we haven't had before.

Things we covered - quick cliff notes.

What to look for.

-- Changes in behaviors, energy, results, activ...

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Mental Wellness Sales Mindset
Start Talking About Mental Health in Sales

40 thoughts, tips and ideas to start talking about mental health in sales.

Career Development Mental Wellness Mentorship
Owning who "you" are

When you are 5-6 years old, your life is pretty simple. You wake up, you have ideas, and passions, and you create a picture of the world. Then life happens. Your parents influence you, your friends, your teachers, then your boss at work, and so on.

When I attended the Rich Litvin "Intensive" last year, I learned that a lot of people (including myself) were li...

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B2B Sales Mental Wellness Sales Mindset
How to Have a Personal Brand with Social Impact

One of the top reasons people want to build a powerful personal brand is to have a bigger impact. They want to make a difference.

This is true now, more than ever.

LINK to stream: https://bit.ly/3lPZ3cN

Mental Wellness
What makes you better at your job?

What's something in your life that has nothing to do with work, but makes you better at your job?

I asked this question on twitter and the answers astounded and inspired me.

I'll start...lately, for me, it's my Peloton Interactive.

Before I was diagnosed with chronic Lyme Disease, I was a powerlifter.

I was in the gym 5-6x/week and I loved the zen feeling of col...

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Mental Wellness
How are those 2020 New Year resolutions/goals looking?

Remember those?

I'll be honest, I'm 2-10 this year. Not good.

This year has been rough, but that doesn't mean we just give up.

Time for new goals.

I took my team through a goal reset training this week.

"New Years In August" is what we dubbed it.

There is still time to have an impact on the year and yourself.

So we went through a goal setting exercise together focu...

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Mental Wellness Sales Stories
Three things always on my desk while I'm working:

-📝 Sticky notes in multiple colors - write it down or it won't happen

-☕Water/coffee/tea - Hydration is health! (and bathroom breaks prevent you from sitting for too long)

-🖼️ Picture of my motivation (goofy picture of my husband and I) - Helps keep the big picture in focus

What's on your desk to keep you going at peak efficiency?

#AshleighsNextAct #productivity...

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Mental Wellness Sales Stories
patty's story
It's long but it's worth the watch. Love ya'll and I hope to chat with you soon 1:1 :)