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Start defining yourself

I was fortunate to start my sales career right before college.  I actually jumped into sales out of necessity, rather than desire.   I grew up timid and struggled in just about every social interaction.  Oddly enough, I associated financial success with communication skills and that led me on my path.

My first sales career was selling Kirby vacuums door to do...

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Career Development Mental Wellness Mentorship
Owning who "you" are

When you are 5-6 years old, your life is pretty simple. You wake up, you have ideas, and passions, and you create a picture of the world. Then life happens. Your parents influence you, your friends, your teachers, then your boss at work, and so on.

When I attended the Rich Litvin "Intensive" last year, I learned that a lot of people (including myself) were li...

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unsubscribe. [Ep. 4 - Psychology]

As always, my friends on Bravado get the first peek at the new episode. This episode contains a peek into my relationship with my therapist Dr. Zamora, a reenactment of a cold call to a farmer, some tips on psychological persuasion, and an interview with Morgan Ingram. Take a gander. SALES ARE DOPE NEVER EVER STOP SELLING.


Hiring Mentorship
Resume & Interview Tips & Tricks from a Pro

Hello UWS achievers!  Delighted to share valuable insights from Miranda Thompson, a seasoned recruiter for New York-based Merlin, to help us improve our resumes and interviews in pursuit of our next career steps (thank you, Miranda!).  Here is her Linkedin profile: I encourage you to connect with her if you’re exploring new opportunities: https://www.linkedi...

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B2B Sales Cold Outreach Mentorship Prospecting
What are your favorite sales books for SDRs to read?

Trying to compile a list of the best sales books for college students who are going to be part of our sales mentorship program... would love some suggestions!

Mentorship Sales Training
Choose your mentors carefully.

They can have a lasting impact on your choices, perspective, and life.

It's critical that they be the sort of people that you truly admire -- not just for their work, but for how they live.

- Are they always negative and complaining or do their optimism and positivity dominate?

- Do they regularly empower you and remind you that you're capable of more or do the...

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Mentorship Sales / Business Development Sales Stories
5 months of quota knocked out in 1 month.

5 months of quota knocked out in 1 month... Sounds pretty crazy, right?

That is what I just did this month. Yes, this post is my victory lap and I'm 100% unapologetic about it.

Selling copiers during a pandemic when people aren't in their offices and pulling off this feat is insane.

What did it take to do this?

1. Working through my vacation - no, I'm not en...

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Mentorship Sales / Business Development Sales Operations
Let's chat SDR compensation - what are some horror stories? Curious from the SDR side and the sales management / firm side!

SDR comp is probably one of the biggest growth areas in sales land. Quotas are often set willy-nilly, or using a single formula. That single formula is usually 3 steps. Take the annual sales goal. Divide by AE headcount = quota per AE. Multiply by desired pipeline coverage (3x-5x-7x, etc). Can anyone see the problems here? There are a few glaring issues wit...

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