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The Definitive Guide to Sales Prospecting.

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Prospecting + copywriting = more meetings!
Yet, how many sales reps are actually taught how to write compelling copy?

None that I am aware of.

Usually, you figure it out on your own.

How are you improving your copywriting skills?
B2B Sales Cold Outreach Prospecting
5 Examples of Provocative Outbound Messages

5 real examples of how to acknowledge how the prospect is getting the job done today and use it to your advantage to create a provocative, curiosity sparking opener in your outbound messaging.

B2B Sales Career Development Cold Outreach Networking Prospecting
How do you help your reps build their personal brands?

Sales prospecting has changed. LinkedIn now allows you to look up and communicate with most decision makers, cold emailing just to send out an email has become less and less effective. Sales in general is undergoing a massive shift where people are engaging with sales people later in the funnel and expecting more of them in terms of knowledge, expertise, and...

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Universal Principle of Influencing Others

Here's something 6 different sales trainings never bothered to teach me that would've given me a selling superpower:

Guess what the first 'universal principle' of influencing others is?


Simply put: People feel obligated to give back to others what they've received.

Got invited to a party?

Now you need to invite them back.

Colleague did you favor?

Now yo...

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Did your prospect reject you?

That’s awesome, they just saved you so much time!

Not every prospect you talk to is someone you should be doing business with (shocker, I know).

Your time and resources are finite (please respect yourself!).

The faster you realize it’s not a good fit, the sooner you can focus on the accounts that are.

The Pareto principle comes in handy. 20% of your business wil...

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B2B Sales Cold Outreach Prospecting
All Effective Cold Outreach has One Thing in Common

I went through nearly +10 years of highly effective, cold outreach I've used at 7 different startups.

I realized there's a single common theme in every effective script or email I've created.

It is the underlying basis for getting people's attention who are not in buying mode.

It is the same foundation for what:

- Josh Braun calls illumination questions.

- Jacco ...

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Episode 1 of 'unsubscribe' is here! | Bravado
Ladies and Gentlesavages! It is with great excitement we drop episode 1 of 'unsubscribe.' This is what happens when you combine your boi (me) and the ballers at Bravado. You get a show for salespeople, by salespeople. And while our baby might be cone-headed and ugly now, just wait till it grows up......
Cold Outreach Prospecting Sales Stories
Any good response to "unsubscribe."?

The reason the show “unsubscribe.” is titled as such - one word, lower-case, period at the end - is because that is the response we receive so frequently to prospecting emails. 

Does anybody have any good responses to the infamous "unsubscribe."?

Prospecting Sales Strategy
Prospecting tips before the holiday?

Are you calling and leaving voicemails as bread crumbs for next week? What's your holiday CTA? Is email a dead-end with all the OOO messages?

I'd love to hear any process or methodology you use on the days before a holiday break... July always seems like the shortest month of the year, and I'm sure we all want to be set up for success once everyone is back.

Prospecting Sales Strategy
My husband just tagged me in a Twitter post featuring this photo

I'm so proud he knew (a) what this all means and (b) tagged me. Plus it's just...GOOD SELLING even if the selling is to strengthen himself!

Poor guy has listened to SO MANY pitches, training sessions, website re-builds...so here's to the #salesspouses and #salespartners who keep us all going and put up with our...eccentricities.

#saleshumor #prospecting