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Hacks to building unstoppable sales teams.

Networking Sales Management
An Introduction

Happy Friday everyone! Stoked to be a part of the Bravado community and to provide insight where I can as well as have an opportunity to learn from all of you! 

My name is Logan Pardini and I’m currently based out of San Diego, California. 

Like others on here, I did not expect to get into sales by any means. I was a shy and timid kid, and an introvert by natu...

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Diversity & Inclusion Sales Management
Why Your Sales Team Needs More Women

Traditionally, there have been much higher numbers of men working in sales than of women. As more and more women begin taking on sales positions, however, organizations are discovering the advantages of having females on their sales team.

Joël Le Bon, Ph.D., a sales management expert, followed a group of salespeople over eight years and found there are 58.8% ...

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B2B Sales Sales Management
Unfair base pay kills morale

You know what kills morale? Finding out your colleague has a bigger base salary than you but the same quota.

You definitely cannot build a world class #sales team when you expect people to take less money but perform the same.

Sales Management Sales Stories
Can Salespeople work remotely?

Today I noticed a comment from a Sales person who claims working from home is beneficial for him due to lack of office distractions, meanwhile his productivity increased exponentially. What do you think? Can Salespeople work from home remotely successfully?

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KPI systems

When it comes to Sales Development, from my perspective, the most important conversation you can possibly have is one that centers on how you’re measuring, KPIing & comping your SDRs.

Before you talk about talk tracks, personalization at scale, competitors, playbooks, objection handling, enablement, training, buyer personas, battle cards, SPIFFs, PIPs, activi...

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Sales Management Sales Operations Sales Strategy
Warren Buffett + Airlines = Big changes in sales.

Watercooler Fam,

Warren Buffett held the first digital version of the Berkshire Hathaway Annual Meeting yesterday, and as per usual, there were plenty of notable quotes. But the biggest bomb he dropped relates directly to those us in B2B Sales:

Buffett confirmed that he has sold his entire position (over $7 Billion+) in the airline industry under the presumpti...

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Diversity & Inclusion Sales Management
Diversity adds 19% to your bottom line!

This week I interviewed Damani Corbin (Enterprise Sales Manager at Weaveworks, a GV and Accel backed start-up, and VP of the non-profit organisation Blacks on Wall St), and let me tell you, working with Damani has been truly enlightening.

If you are looking for practical advice on the first steps to creating a sustainable diversity initiative, take a look an...

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Sales Management Sales Training
Best Voices and Resources for Enablement and Onboarding?

Hello All,

I'm starting a new sales enablement role in a global tech company. My main priority will be the initial onboarding and ramp time during a reps tenure.

Who are the best voices/resources I should be tapping into to learn more about building enablement programs and specifically onboarding programs with globally distributed teams?

I've been starting to...

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Career Development Sales Management
Share your comp plan?

In +10 years in sales I've only shared my base with two peers and shared my comp plan once with my teammates.

It was the most thrilling and anxiety inducing thing I've done professionally.

Both times I shared my base it opened my eyes to wildly uneven pay between me and my peers for the same quota.

In one case I was $30,000 below.

The other I was $25,000 above.


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