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Sales Management

Hacks to building unstoppable sales teams.

Sales Management Sales Stories
I don’t know what it’s like to fire a salesperson.

Because, every time I was told “at the end of the month, let them go” I didn’t.

Instead, I took them out to lunch and had a heart to heart.

Then helped them recognize why they will be let go at the end of the month per the company’s standards and their commitment.

Call me crazy, but dragging someone along and pretending that some how they were gonna be okay...


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Networking Sales Management
An Introduction

Happy Friday everyone! Stoked to be a part of the Bravado community and to provide insight where I can as well as have an opportunity to learn from all of you! 

My name is Logan Pardini and I’m currently based out of San Diego, California. 

Like others on here, I did not expect to get into sales by any means. I was a shy and timid kid, and an introvert by natu...

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Sales Management Sales Stories
Can Salespeople work remotely?

Today I noticed a comment from a Sales person who claims working from home is beneficial for him due to lack of office distractions, meanwhile his productivity increased exponentially. What do you think? Can Salespeople work from home remotely successfully?

Hiring Sales Management
What are your favorite interview questions for hiring a new AE's?

We have always had a small team with a strong in office culture. Our new product has hit some major traction though and I am starting to scale the team. It's weird not getting to meet candidates in person to get a sense of who they really are. Of course we do reference checks but I am looking for any suggestions of interview questions that have worked well, ...

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B2B Sales Sales Management Sales Strategy
Want to know something I've never lost a deal over?

Like not once?

Or ever seen/been able to point to a rep lose a deal or call over?

Filler words.

It bothers me to my absolute core when I hear leaders or managers talking about this.

"You say, like, um, cool, awesome, too much. "

It is lazy management.

Point Blank.

It distracts from the real issues at hand.

Do you know what I have lost deals or calls over?

The wrong t...

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B2B Sales Sales Management Sales Strategy
Most studies show we are 2x more loss aversion motivated than gain motivated.

So here is a random thought I had.

What if... (my managers love it when I start off a sentence like this)

What if instead of paying commissions at the end of the month, like normal, dangle the carrot (which by the way doesn't really drive as much behavior as we think)

You were paid 100% commission on the 1st of the quarter.


On the 31st of each month/quarter...

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Diversity & Inclusion Sales Management
Diversity adds 19% to your bottom line!

This week I interviewed Damani Corbin (Enterprise Sales Manager at Weaveworks, a GV and Accel backed start-up, and VP of the non-profit organisation Blacks on Wall St), and let me tell you, working with Damani has been truly enlightening.

If you are looking for practical advice on the first steps to creating a sustainable diversity initiative, take a look an...

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Career Development Sales Management Sales Training
Hey, Sales Leaders...

You do realize that 2-years prior experience, a bachelors degree, and a bunch of references doesn’t qualify them to become the best salesperson you ever employed.

Keep reading before you blow a gasket...

How many of you reading this right now would not have qualified under most hiring standards?

Yet you stand on mountains in all that you’ve accomplished because...

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