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Sales Mindset

Dive into the minds of highly effective sellers.

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Daily Success Checklist for Sales

1. Practice Gratitude every morning - 3 things, at least 2 of them new every time.

2. Have call list READY - No bigger impact to the day then having the list of people you're calling and why already written out (yes I mean written, not just in SFDC tasks)

3. Work in bursts - Call 10. Take a break. Call 10. Take a break. But stay on ONE task at a time through o...

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Mental Wellness Sales Mindset
Start Talking About Mental Health in Sales

40 thoughts, tips and ideas to start talking about mental health in sales.

Sales Mindset
You're either busy thinking about...

the great things you've already done or how much better your life is about to get. It's a balancing act of being clear about what your future looks like while staying present in the moment.

Career Development Sales Mindset Sales Stories
What advice would you give yourself at the beginning of your Sales Career?

Hey hey! I've recently started a new role within a wonderful company as Business Development Manager! Let's imagine we have a time machine: what advice would you give yourself at the beginning of your Sales Career?

Sales Mindset Sales Stories
Recently learned the 'Growth Gaps'

Aka - What are the main reasons most people don't grow, or grow at the pace they should.

The Assumption Gap - You assume you will automatically grow, so don't put in the work.

The Knowledge Gap - You don't know how to grow, you make random choices or changes.

The Timing Gap - It's not the right time, or I'll start putting in the effort tomorrow...

The Mistake Ga...

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Sales Mindset
It’s okay if you woke up uninspired this morning.

It’s okay if you’re not feeling yourself, not motivated, wondering why it is you get like this in the first place.

But please understand...

It’s not okay to be silent about it.

That it’s dangerous to wallow in self-pity.

And It’s unhealthy to try and beat it alone.

This is where communication usually falls short in your own lives.

“I don’t want to bother anyone wi...

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B2B Sales Mental Wellness Sales Mindset
How to Have a Personal Brand with Social Impact

One of the top reasons people want to build a powerful personal brand is to have a bigger impact. They want to make a difference.

This is true now, more than ever.

LINK to stream: https://bit.ly/3lPZ3cN

Sales Mindset Sales Stories
Believe in and bet on yourself.

There are people that know less than you.

There are people who are less skilled than you.

Who are simply more confident than you.

They believe in themselves more than you do.

They share and write.

You don’t.

They teach.

You don’t.

They ask for things.

You don’t.

They take risks.

You don’t.

They consult.

You don’t.

All because of confidence and self belief.

Knowledge is not...

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Sales Mindset Sales Stories Sales Training
"The SDR DiscoCall Podcast: For Brand New SDRs"

Every Tuesday 8am UK/ 9am EUR/ 4pm PST - You will have an SDR giving; their SDR Journey, Career advice and 3 Key takeaways' to share with other SDRs/ BDRs

Guests from Zuora, Showpad, G2.com, Reachdesk, Salesloft, Outreach + 40 other SDR guests from all over the world each week

Visit: https://www.happyselling.io/podcast or

Apple Podcast: https://podcasts.apple...

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Kevin "KD" Dorsey on LinkedIn: No part of sales is “natural” and I’m tired of hearing about it. | 72 comments
No part of sales is “natural” and I’m tired of hearing about it. What other profession on the planet let’s this type of lie get spread. Ever met a natural... 72 comments on LinkedIn