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Sales Mindset

Dive into the minds of highly effective sellers.

Sales / Business Development Sales Mindset Sales Training
What kinds of questions should I expect in a final round interview for a Sales Development Representative role?

I will be on a video interview meeting with a few different people for about 2.5 hours and want to show my competitive drive, high energy, and ability to learn.

Mental Wellness Sales Mindset
Start Talking About Mental Health in Sales

40 thoughts, tips and ideas to start talking about mental health in sales.

Sales Mindset
You're either busy thinking about...

the great things you've already done or how much better your life is about to get. It's a balancing act of being clear about what your future looks like while staying present in the moment.

B2B Sales Mental Wellness Sales Mindset
How to Have a Personal Brand with Social Impact

One of the top reasons people want to build a powerful personal brand is to have a bigger impact. They want to make a difference.

This is true now, more than ever.

LINK to stream: https://bit.ly/3lPZ3cN

Career Development Sales Mindset Sales Stories
What advice would you give yourself at the beginning of your Sales Career?

Hey hey! I've recently started a new role within a wonderful company as Business Development Manager! Let's imagine we have a time machine: what advice would you give yourself at the beginning of your Sales Career?

Sales Mindset Sales Strategy Sales Training
Inside this post you will find the super duper secret ingredient to sales success.

The one all the experts make you pay for and they’re going to hate me for telling it!

Before I give you the secret sauce, I need you to understand a few things.

First, sales is not a 10,000 piece puzzle. It’s more like a children’s 10 piece puzzle.

We overcomplicate sales on a daily basis.

We pretend as though somehow it’s this thing you’ve got to get a diploma ...

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Sales / Business Development Sales Mindset Sales Stories
Before my Father passed away he asked me to do a few things for him.

He pulled out his phone and had me read a couple of messages sent by my siblings.

He asked me to always keep those messages in mind.

Then he assigned me with specifics regarding some of my other siblings.

Then he asked me to please take care of his first and only love, my Mother. He asked me to support her in every way possible.


He gave me a notepad...

It ...

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B2B Sales Sales / Business Development Sales Mindset
Selling to the PERSON, not the account/persona.

People don't always make economic decisions off of what is the most logical choice.

They make it off of what makes them feel the smartest.

That's why people love deals and discounts.

That's why people have avoidance if they don't understand something.

That is why people don't make a change out of fear of getting it wrong.

That is why people need to FEEL something...

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Sales Mindset
What is one thing you're doing to keep mindset in check?

I don't know about you, but today I'm going to compete against myself. I'm going to have one more conversation than I have planned to make. I'll ask one more question to dig deeper into what a buyer / future customer is saying. I'll be sure and document my accomplishments in Google Keep (or use a paper notebook or other digital place). I'll be optimistic.

My ...

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Sales Mindset Sales Stories
Has anybody else read "Actionable Gamification" by Yu-Kai Chou?

I am OBSESSED with it right now.

His Octalysis framework of motivation and behavior modification is one of the best I have seen.

There are so many places that leadership, sales, products, and companies can better 'gamify' things to improve.

Not just improve results, but also morale, retention, productivity, etc.

It also shows why so many people get gamification ...

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