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Sales Operations

The only kick-ass guide to sales ops you'll ever need.

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Warren Buffett + Airlines = Big changes in sales.

Watercooler Fam,

Warren Buffett held the first digital version of the Berkshire Hathaway Annual Meeting yesterday, and as per usual, there were plenty of notable quotes. But the biggest bomb he dropped relates directly to those us in B2B Sales:

Buffett confirmed that he has sold his entire position (over $7 Billion+) in the airline industry under the presumpti...

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Closing Sales Mindset Sales Operations
When a buyer says your competitor does “X”...

When a buyer says your competitor does “X” better...And you know it’s probably true. What do you say? Try this...“Yeah, they do that part really well. Even better than we do it”. 🤯There is nothing wrong with admitting your company isn’t the best at everything.No company is perfect.And the better reps won’t shy away from saying so.Stop trying to win every lit...

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B2B Sales Sales Management Sales Operations
Do you know how your quota compares?

In one of the startups where I was the first sales hire, I was given a $750,000 quota for the year.

There was no historical data showing that the quota was attainable.

They did no math based on number of opportunities, deal cycle, average deal size, or win rate to calculate the quota.

They simply used the benchmark of what top VC backed startups should be makin...

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Mental Wellness Sales Management Sales Mindset Sales Operations Sales Strategy
Burn out is a real thing.

Who would have thought that working from home would actually make it worse.

I know I didn't.

But now I see it.

People are in front of their screens way more, causing all sorts of strain on our eyes and minds.

We don't move as much. Exercise has also been reduced for many.

We have fewer social interactions that are meaningful.

No more physical touch high fives, fis...

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Mental Wellness Sales Operations Sales Stories
Summer Fridays

On March 4th, 2020 I made the grueling decision to temporarily shut down BravadoHQ and move fully remote. There were still 0 COVID cases in San Francisco, but the safety of our employees was the #1 priority. Surprisingly, I started getting flooded with questions and hatemail from fellow tech executives. Here are two direct quotes:


Hater 1: "Why are you d...

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B2B Sales Prospecting Sales / Business Development Sales Operations
“Winners and Losers both have the same goals.

“Winners and Losers both have the same goals.” James Clear - Atomic Habits

This line is so strong

I go back to it and the book all the time.

He goes on the state that winners just have better systems.

The non stop focus on “goals” aka revenue or quota blinds many reps, managers, and leaders from the underlying needs...

Better SYSTEMS of ACHIEVING those goals.


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Career Development Sales Management Sales Operations Sales Strategy
Monday Briefing: Q1 Sales Impact + Takeaways

Watercooler fam!

I wanted to share an exclusive report from Bravado for how sales + Q1 are being impacted by COVID-19 / economic downturn. There are 3 main takeaways:

  1. Missed Quota: 74% of Sales organizations have reported that they are going to miss Q1 targets. 55% of which are missing by more than 25%. 14% are missing by more than 50%. Takeaway: You are not...
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Sales / Business Development Sales Management Sales Operations Sales Strategy Sales Training
The Only SDR & Marketing Alignment Playbook You'll EVER Need

Yesterday was the best & favorite day of my career.

I got the chance to do a webinar with Sales Hacker, Inc. and Scott Barker on the infamous & paralyzing gap between Sales and Marketing… And how to finally close it.

You know at some point, you start getting in your own head, or let me not speak for others... I did.

I started wondering whether the “Personalizat...

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B2B Sales Sales Management Sales Operations Sales Strategy
I know sellers that make fake dials to look busy...
I know plenty of sellers that do fake dials to phone numbers that never answer to boost their activity.

I know sellers who get points for activities like calls. Even if their pipeline is sufficient and they're ahead of quota, they'll get in trouble and shamed for missing activity points.

I know sellers who show up to work at +8am daily, not because they're eag...
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Cold Outreach Prospecting Sales Operations Sales Strategy
Top of funnel metrics: How to properly identify an opportunity or have the right data in your CRM.

I recently had a meeting with my team where we discussed how to best to identify opportunities so that the CEO can review them and to have a clear idea of how many companies we are "engaged" with as a top of funnel metric.

Many organizations do it differently -

1) Have a meetings first, and once there are certain data points to prove that it's a opportunity ...

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