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The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.

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unsubscribe. [Ep.3 - Marketing]

Greetings everyone,

Early release of episode 3 is here. It's easily our most outrageous episode yet! We discuss the merits of marketing (its a short list) and discuss with CMO of Privy.com Dave Gerhardt in a "between 2 ferns" style interview.

Check it out and let me know your thoughts on marketing below!


Sales Stories
My biggest regret..

I was interviewed on a podcast recently and was asked about mistakes or regrets I had. Jokingly, I didn't have enough time for me to go through them all - and yet it did bring me to my biggest regret -

At my first real sales position where I was learning to sell technology products and services, in my early 20's, as a young single mom - the company got acquir...

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Sales Stories
I feel like there’s a special spot in...

I feel like there’s a special spot in Sales Hades for all of the “Quid Pro Quoers” of the SaaS sales world. No Karen… I do NOT want to swap “demo for a demo”.

Career Development Mentorship Sales Stories Sales Strategy
Start defining yourself

I was fortunate to start my sales career right before college.  I actually jumped into sales out of necessity, rather than desire.   I grew up timid and struggled in just about every social interaction.  Oddly enough, I associated financial success with communication skills and that led me on my path.

My first sales career was selling Kirby vacuums door to do...

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Sales Management Sales Stories
Can Salespeople work remotely?

Today I noticed a comment from a Sales person who claims working from home is beneficial for him due to lack of office distractions, meanwhile his productivity increased exponentially. What do you think? Can Salespeople work from home remotely successfully?

Career Development Sales Mindset Sales Stories
What advice would you give yourself at the beginning of your Sales Career?

Hey hey! I've recently started a new role within a wonderful company as Business Development Manager! Let's imagine we have a time machine: what advice would you give yourself at the beginning of your Sales Career?

Mental Wellness Sales / Business Development Sales Mindset Sales Stories
Toughest part of your job

What is the toughest part of your job as a sales professional?

Mine, is walking the ever-so-slim line between the art of sales and the science based on KPI's and stats.

Networking Sales Stories
What is Your Greatest Obstacles In Sales?

I have been in the sales industry for last 3 years now. And I have experienced there are many obstacles but main is when it comes to break the ice in the initial phase. I wanted to know what is yours?

Sales Stories
@ 18 I skipped college and went straight into sales...

When I was 22 I got a job in downtown Oakland at CalFinder, now Modernize, by cold calling the boss.

I saw the open job, found the phone number online, and called the company to get him on the phone and convince him to interview me.

It worked. After a few months, I became Sales Manager and that is when Scott Leese reached out to me on LinkedIn to be a manager ...

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Mental Wellness Sales Mindset Sales Stories
#RealTalk - The last week of July sucked for me.

Out sick most of the week - several deadlines pushed and the joys of working as a one-woman-shop fully realized when meetings were missed without notice because I wasn't able to reach out to everyone in time to cancel.

Guess what?


Am I behind? You bet.

Will I be able to handle it? Yep.

I'm starting with apologies and communicating...

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